Stay Healthy on a Long Vacation

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vacationSummer is the time for vacations. If you and your family are planning a long vacation, whether by plane, train, or automobile, the last thing you want is to be sick, tired, or otherwise unwell and unable to enjoy yourselves.

There are steps you can take to make sure that you and your kids stay healthy during and after your vacation.

General Health

Travel of any kind is stressful, so it’s important to do whatever you can to relieve that stress.  Solid planning with multiple contingency plans is the first step.… Read the rest

The Dangers of the Race

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Part of what makes automotive racing so thrilling is the risk that every driver takes behind the wheel.  It’s not the safest thing in the world to blast around a track at close to 200mph, and at that speed even the most minor mistake or malfunction can be disastrous or even fatal.  But driving accidents aren’t the only things that can be hazards on the track.

Naturally, one of the biggest concerns for a team is a crash.  While there haven’t been many fatalities since Aryton Senna or Jeff Gordon, people still die for various reasons. … Read the rest

Long Term Illnesses Can Drain Your Finances

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Medical insurance doesn’t usually cover all medical expenses. This means that you’re out of luck if you have a chronic illness. The costs can often mount quickly because you’ll have deductibles, co-pays, and sometimes need equipment that might not be covered under your insurance plan. Managing your finances as well as your health can become very tricky, especially if your health isn’t the best.

diabetes testingHow Much Will I Need to Pay?

This really depends on what condition you have. Some chronic conditions like diabetes have a flat fee that is associated with maintaining it.… Read the rest

ATV Accidents Lead to Many Injuries

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ATVs or all-terrain vehicles are largely used for recreational purposes. Quad bikes, as they are also commonly known, are not even allowed on the roads in the USA. But as their name implies, this kind of vehicle is meant to be driven on any kind of terrain and in some parts of the world they are used for farming.

To a large extent the risk of injury an ATV rider faces is down to their exposure and quads are thus unsurprisingly considered to be as dangerous as motorcycles.… Read the rest

Top 3 Health Issues Facing Men Today

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Men are generally perceived as tough and insensitive to pain. But contrary to that perception, they are prone to illnesses as well. In fact, studies show that there are certain health conditions that affect men more than women.

Below are the top three health issues that men are facing today:

Cardiac Illness and Stroke

According to WebMD, cardiovascular illnesses are among the greatest threat to men’s lives. The CDC reported that 1 out of 4 men are suffering from cardiac illness. It is interesting to note that men are prone to developing the illness more than women.… Read the rest

Play Sports, Increase Bone Mass

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In an article published today by , new research shows that an active lifestyle is not only good for heart and muscles but it is also good for your bones. As you age your bones begin to loose density causing conditions such as osteoporosis , which can increase the possibility of a broken bone and other health problems later in life.

The study, done by a team from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, found that participating in load bearing activities ‚ €like soccer, baseball, or volleyball ‚ €increased their bone density over a 5 year period while those who lived a more sedentary lifestyle experienced a decrease in bone density over the same period.… Read the rest

What to Expect in an Alcohol Treatment Center

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If you suffer from alcoholism, the idea of going in for treatment can be both exciting and terrifying. Seeking treatment is a huge step in beating the disease and getting your life back. But what is rehab all about? What will the alcohol treatment center be like? What will the actual treatment be like? These and a million other questions will most likely be bouncing around in your head. But going into treatment for an addiction to alcohol doesn’t have to be a scary thing.… Read the rest

The Art of Designated Driving

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The pub crawls that attract the most attention and participation are the ones where the combination of willing participants and proximity of excellent bars are at a perfect premium.  The crawl part, of course, comes from a nod to drunken stumbling, but also highlights that for these, driving is not necessary, because the distance between bars is negligible.  It’s a fine idea, and one that emphasizes that there are no excuses for drunken driving.  Even cities as occasionally uninhabitable as Minneapolis in the winter, or Phoenix in the summer, have pub crawls at intemperate times that can be wonderful evenings for groups intent on having fun.… Read the rest

Driving After Drinking is Not Worth the Risk

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It is very common to go out with friends for drinks or to have a few cocktails with dinner, but getting into the car to drive home after a night of drinking is never a good idea. Driving after consuming alcohol is a bad decision on many different levels; the consequences of getting caught are not worth the risks.


Driving under the influence of alcohol presents health risks not only to the driver but to the passengers in the car and the other drivers on the road.… Read the rest

Property Management Careers

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There comes a point in everyone’s life where they consider whether they want to change careers. This may be the result of a layoff or their employer going out of business. Alternatively, they may grow disenchanted with their work or simply get tired of it. Some of these people may be considering switching to a career in apartment and commercial property management and wondering what exactly would be involved in the daily work.

Property managers fulfill several different roles. In essence they are stand ins for the landlord. They are responsible for filling units, which means coordinating advertising, meeting with prospective tenants , and taking care of all the paperwork, such as leases and other agreements.… Read the rest